Special issue in the Australian Journal of International Affairs

I am pleased to announce the publication of a special issue in the Australian Journal of International Affairs entitled "Diplomatic and Security Practice under Abe Shinzō: The Case for Realpolitik Japan." I served as guest editor along with Dr. Alessio Patalano.  

Volume 74:6 (2020): https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/caji20/74/6 

With Shinzo Abe recently abdicating the prime ministership, the release of the special issue comes at an auspicious time. We ask, in what ways are Japanese foreign and security policies changing? How far will these changes go? Will they result in a policy posture that breaks from the post-1945 approach as originally designed by Prime Minister Yoshida Shigeru?  

This special issue presents an original introduction article that requalifies Japan's new approach to diplomatic and security affairs, along with six research articles that address these questions in various ways, tackling the relationship between recent changes in Japanese domestic policy institutions and Japanese diplomatic and security practice. For your convenience, I list the articles with direct links below.  

Happy reading and kind regards, 

Giulio Pugliese