MSc in Japanese Studies

MSc in Japanese Studies

The Oxford School of Global and Area Studies and the Faculty of Oriental Studies are pleased to announce their partnership in providing a new programme in Japanese Studies.

The MSc in Japanese Studies is a twelve month masters programme that provides students with a combination of courses about Japan, mainly the social sciences, an intensive language programme and a research methods course. It culminates with a 12,000 word dissertation submitted by 1st September.

Native speakers of Japanese or those with native speaker competence are also encouraged to apply for a place on the programme.

It is taught by full time members of the Nissan and Oriental Institutes and all the courses are designed for masters level students.

The components of the course are:

  • Research Methods for Area Studies
  • Dissertation about Japan (12,000 words)
  • Either three courses about Japan chosen from the options listed below (for Japanese native speakers)
  • Or two courses about Japan chosen from the options listed below, and a Japanese Language course.

The optional courses are:

  • Modern Transnational History of Japan - Professor Sho Konishi
  • Japanese Politics
  • Economy and Business of Japan - Professor Hugh Whittaker
  • Japanese Social Anthropology - Professor Roger Goodman
  • Sociology of Japanese Society - Professor Takehiko Kariya
  • Modern Japanese Literature - Dr Linda Flores
  • Texts in Modern Japanese Literature - Dr Linda Flores
  • Japanese Linguistics (The History and Structure of Japanese) - Professor Bjarke Frellesvig
  • Texts in Japanese Linguistics - Professor Bjarke Frellesvig
  • Old (8th century) Japanese Texts - Professor Bjarke Frellesvig
  • Classical Japanese Literature - Dr Jennifer Guest
  • Classical Japanese Language - Professor Bjarke Frellesvig and Dr Jennifer Guest
  • Classical Japanese Texts - Dr Jennifer Guest
Transferring from the MSc to the MPhil Programme or from the MPhil to the MSc Programme

First-year MPhil students and first-year MSc students considering changing their programme of study to the MSc or MPhil respectively must submit the “Application for Change of Programme of Study” by the end the week 9 of Hilary Term.  Students should make their decision to switch programmes in consultation with their supervisor.

Applications must be submitted by noon on one of the following dates: 13th November 2020 and 22nd January 2021.

Learn from our students what you can expect from this course.