Nissan Seminar: Event to celebrate the launch of 100th volume in the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies/Routledge Series

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15.00: Tea and coffee in the Foyer of the Nissan Institute

15.30: The View from the Nissan Institute - A Retrospective History of the Series: Arthur Stockwin

16.00: The view from Routledge: Stephanie Rogers

16.15: Revisiting The Myth of Japanese Uniqueness Thirty Years On: Peter Dale (Author of the first book in the series)

16.45: Ever a Student: Some Joys and Perils of Trying to Balance Continuity and Change in Understanding Japanese Society: Joy Hendry (Author of four editions of Understanding Japanese Society)

17.15: Life Course, Happiness and Well-being in Japan: Japan in 2017: Barbara Holthus and Wolfram Manzenreiter (Editors of the 100th book in the series)

18.00: Nissan Motor Company and the study of Japan: Nobusuke Tokura, Senior Vice President, Nissan Technical Centre Europe

18.10: Close: Roger Goodman

18.15: Reception in Nissan Institute Foyer; Toast by Shinichi Iida, Minister for Public Diplomacy and Media, Embassy of Japan

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