The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation Seminar Series 2018: New Approaches in Japan and the UK

Naoyuki Agawa is Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law at Doshisha University, Kyoto, where he teaches American constitutional law and history. He has previously served as the Minister for Public Affairs in charge of public diplomacy and press relations at the Embassy of Japan in Washington DC. Naoyuki currently sits on the board of councillors of the Suntory Foundation and the United States-Japan Council. He has often served as an advisor to the government of Japan, including in his current membership of CULCON, a group that advises the Japanese and US governments on matters related to bilateral, cultural and educational exchanges. Naoyuki is the author of numerous books including: Understanding America Today through Its Constitution (2017); A History of Constitutional Amendments and Other Changes in America (2016); American History through the United States Constitution (2004, 2013) (for which he received the Yomiuri-Yoshino Sakuzo Award in 2005); and The Friendship on the Seas: the United States Navy and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, (2001).

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